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Writer/poet,avid photographer with a great interest in Celtic Myths, Mysticism, crystal healing, orbs in photography, Chemtrails, the sky above and the beauty in the Irish landscape . I live in Omagh North of Ireland where the Sperrin Mountains are my inspiration in any season. I have three poetry books published titled 'Where the Three Rivers Meet' and 'Guth An Anam ~Voice of The Soul and my latest Published by Lapwing Press Belfast, 'Landscape of self'~ You can find my links at top of my blog.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Old Societies

Rain takes on a silver sheen

thundering past the window,

encouraging the worm to rise.

Already the blackbird furrows

with his yellow beak, knowing

what lies beneath.

I think of pre-historic societies

leaving their stamp on the land in

stone circles, megalithic tombs,

standing stones and raths.

I imagine they were signposts

pointing the safest way ahead

to the nearest village; gathering

points, perhaps. Their own

creations dotted about

the landscape.

I feel a

certain kinship with them—those

who came before.

The worm: I wonder what its

aura holds? What has it come upon

whilst pushing clay,

slipping into worlds unseen?
I wish the rain to cease,

the blackbird to scarper

and the worm to live another day.

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