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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Review of Söylesi Üç Aylik Siir Dergisi / The Poetry of Islands

Nesrin Eruysal (editor) (2009) Söylesi Üç Aylik Siir Dergisi / The Poetry of Islands

(English and Turkish Language), Solyesi Poetry Review. Freely downloadable from:

Recurring tropes in the poems re-animate the possibilities first articulated in Eryusal’s and

Hay’s introductions. In fact, the volume kicks off with a poem by Hay himself, translated

into Turkish by Eryusal. More generally, many of the poets draw strong analogues between

the life of the island and the body, or island life: for Dimitris Lentzis, the island and the

physical body are afloat in a sea of water and emotion; for Immanuel Mifsud, the water

becomes a metaphor for the soul and vice versa; for Aine MacAodha, the island and ‘life’

are inseparable.

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