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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Janus figures (ancient souls)

Caldragh Cemetery located a few miles from Boa Island outside the town of Kesh on Lower lough Erne (County Fermanagh) is were these beauties can be found, well beauties to me. Old souls with stories to tell! I try to visit many of the ancient sites across Ireland, some well documented others off the beaten track which is better.. Although having said that it is difficult at times to locate these sites; often you need permission from the land owner and many sites are  poorly signposted, so visitors from elsewhere must find it hard going to get to them. This is well signposted fortunately! Things are changing with the preservation and upkeep of these old graveyards.
The larger one is known as The Janus Figure' ( Janus literally means two-faced )which is two figures back to back, male and female. The third and smallest of them is Lusty Man' found and brought to the cemetery from the nearby island of Lusty Beg. Celtic idols as they're known have that ancient feel and pull; although many disagree as this is a christian graveyard. I have never seen Sheila-na-gig figures - however, have read much about them and the smaller of the two is a woman, I think is a Sheila-na-gig type.  The Janus figures are reputed to be over 2000 years old.

Gota love that face!

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I lovwe finding ancient sites in Scotland! These stones are wonderful!


O, those Janus figures were truly admirable... by just lookin' at them is like seein' face to face those people of the ancient times!!!:D

Thanks for sharin' it... BTW, am new to your blog and would love to be part!!!:D

Good day!!:)


Aine Mac Aodha /Ann Keys said...

Many thanks For commenting, blessings to all, Aine.

Short Poems said...

Those stones are amazing. Great blog :)