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Omagh, North Ireland, Ireland
Writer/poet,avid photographer with a great interest in Celtic Myths, Mysticism, crystal healing, orbs in photography, Chemtrails, the sky above and the beauty in the Irish landscape . I live in Omagh North of Ireland where the Sperrin Mountains are my inspiration in any season. I have three poetry books published titled 'Where the Three Rivers Meet' and 'Guth An Anam ~Voice of The Soul and my latest Published by Lapwing Press Belfast, 'Landscape of self'~ You can find my links at top of my blog.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Luna ~ A poem


Losing shadows that follow
from these troubled acres
is hard going at times.
When it’s those same shadows
you seek to understand
what it all came down to.
Three in the morning brings relief;
nature is more calmer and cools
to a creaking lullaby.
Some birds sleep sound.
The urban ones
blether through the night.
The moon solemnly gives orders
to orchestrate the night crawlers
on missions. She casts shadows
in dimly lit corners of the globe.
She’ll never be the sun,
blitzing the crops, warming
the shadows.
But she’ll always be the catalyst,
calling you back to the past.

First published on Argotistonline  ~  http://www.argotistonline.co.uk/MacAodha%20poems.htm

Sunday, 23 October 2011


In memory of the family of babies children and adults who are buried in The Bog Meadows area of Miltown Cemetery and throughout the island of Ireland and also to the works of Toni Maguire Queens university Archaeologist, and also thanks to the following pages for the work the do for Cillini.


Sister Monica had a special box
sat on her wooden desk beside her cane
her roll book, rosaries and bible.
Collections for the little mites
limbo babies
pagan babies
lost souls
the unbaptised
Nothing more to be said.
At age six we prayed hard for the babies
nameless and godless and without
questioning the word of God
or Mother Monica we felt loss.
I held an image of a lost soul in my mind
carried it with me into secondary school.
In childhood overheard muttered prayers
A grandmother weeping
a trail of tears when thought un-noticed.
Visits to ancient church ruins
flowers laid by the old stones
prayers said while watching the invisible
blow leaves around the ruins.
Babies denied recognition
Buried on the outer edge of their parish churches
Babies who had no place in heaven.
Their sin, still born, unbaptised at the time of death.
Parents lost in the mire of faith, grieved alone.
Under the landscapes of boundaries
and fields many mass graves lie denied.
For them I mourn…

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Poem ~ Regeneration

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago and along with others I will put them on this blog.


Walking along market street

tracing my eyes over the stout

emulsion buildings, filled with glass

reflecting the modern footpaths

horrors of the past send shivers

up and down my spine.

I do grieve, for the old town

corner shops and worn faces replaced by

glossed faced superstores, bidding for custom

offering self assemble goods at 50% off.

Along Bridge Street, greasy Jim’s is now

Speedy Frys fast food outlet

Mc Dowel Butchers, chopped into a

coffee bar full of Lattés and tortilla wraps

frequented by suited customers

as orderly as their laptops.

The family chemist were Sue knew as much as the doctor

and almost as much as the weekly news,

has re-opened as A Drug Store, everyone wears white

and plays store detective.

The factory remains still

In desperate need of a refill

machines fazed as did lives when the hammer fell

And the golden gates closed.

Teenagers gorge on modified burgers

In pricey coloured boxes.

part of me surrounded by

permanent pouts and rare chit-chat.

Re-generation they call it.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Aine MacAodha's Books and Publications Spotlight


Recent publications.
The Glasgow Review,Celtic Myth Podshow, The Toronto Quarterly, soylesipoetrymagazine, Debris Magazine and many Anthologies both in the Uk, USA and Ireland. Pirene's Fountain, New Belfast Arts Sculpture, Poetry Now, Citizen 32, Oasis, The Herald, Forward press anthology, New Generation Defining Itself, Peterloo Poets, Whispers from the Hedgegrows, Argotist Online, Arabesque Review, Luciole Press, Malibu Arts Review, Shamrock Haiku Journal, Haiku Ireland, Faces of the Goddess, Red Pulp Underground, Edit Red and ABC Tales, work also translated into Turkish.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A look back to the past~

I would like to share a few photos of ancient sites found in County Tyrone that I took on my travels; the first few are of Beagmore Stone circles located between Omagh and Cookstown and near the An Creggan visitors centre. The circles were unearthed during the seasonal turf or peat cutting in the 1940's period and to the farmers may have looked like a heap of old stones. The seven stone circles and three cairns date back to 2600bc, used for burials or a gathering place. Very well kept and easily got to with clear signposts along the route.
Beagmore ~ Moor of the Birches~

Aghascrebagh Ogham Stone and standing stone.

Found along the same route as the Stone Circles in the town land of Greencastle and as luck has it both in the same field, a bit more trickier to get to, climb a few fences and briars and if you don't mind the odd cow curiously snooping about, it's a site to see. The Ogham stone is marked with lines and notches, the first form of writing, these stones are dated around 500 bc.

Creggandevesky Court Tomb

Again along the same route and around two miles from the An Creggan visitors centre on the main Omagh to Cookstown road...
During he dig remains of 21 people were found to be buried in this chamber which is very large and well preserved. Dated 4000 years of age. Creggandevesky (the Stony Place of Black Water). Court tombs are rectangular burial chambers and you can clearly see the dry stone wall work, very creative for early man.~

Friday, 22 April 2011

New work in latest issue of Pirene's Fountain

From the Editors page at Pirene's Fountain ~

I am delight to have 4 Haiku and a poem published in this issue of Pirene's Fountain. Guest editor for the Japanese Short Forms is Milinda B Hipple.

' Melinda B Hipple is an award-winning artist, photographer and writer. Her current projects include creating concept art for the feature film Black Riders in pre-production and work-shopping her novel Hotel Toledo into a feature film script. Some of her published works have appeared in Hillock, Prune Juice, Haijinx, Notes from the Gean, Tinywords and Linx, and she is a regular contributor to Pirene’s Fountain. She was a past editor and columnist for Up the Creek News, and from its second issue has been haiga editor and web master for Notes from the Gean.'

Always a fantastic array of poets writers and artists, please take time to have a good read over the holiday period.

Links to my poem and Haiku,



Sunday, 20 March 2011

My new poetry book.

Link to my new book.

This is my second book of poetry titled,  'Guth An Anam~ Voice of the Soul'
I am inspired by the Irish landscape and by poets Seamus Heaney, John Montague, Rumi, Basho and many of the modern poets today.
 From ~'Our stories'  'Guth An Anam~ Voice of the Soul'

"We carry them on our faces like some visible vail or invisible back pack that travels with us from pillar to post. Staving ahead; making room for a few more on the journey. We hold them in our souls, like voices of the soul."
 Some of my publishing credits for this book are,
World Haiku Review, Vol. 6, Issue 3, Enniscorthy Echo, Peony Moon, The Glasgow Review, Celtic Myth Podshow, The Toronto Quarterly, Issue 1&2 of soylesi poetry magazine, Debris Magazine, Pirene's Fountain, Essays and poetry at Luciole Press, Shamrock Haiku Journal, Interviewed by poet and broadcaster Mike Marcellino on blog talk radio and read a few poems. Her work is also translated into Turkish Part of The Conversation International Poetry Project.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Imbolc A poem Feb 1s ~ First day of spring stirring~

Imbolc is a feast dedicated to the Goddess in her maiden aspect, in her guise as Brigid, Bridget, Bride, Brighid, Brigit or Brig - goddess of learning, poetry, prophesying, craftmanship, agriculture and healing. Imbolc is considered a traditional healing time and it is a good time to consider ways to improve your health.

A link for Imbolc traditions

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Memories~ in memory~Mum

Thought of this poem first published in TTQ as I was re- poting the plants and getting them ready for outdoors and Springs arrival. Mother had a thing for Geraniums and I seem to have inherited it; along with hedges and borders! :)


I hear her voice

in the minds eye

as I re-pot the Geraniums.

“Keep them by the window

they’ll get more light

and water sparingly in winter”

It’s funny how a flower or

the faint smell of something

familiar ignites a memory.

Like a song even, that escapes

at the right time from a car radio

just as you pass,

can stop you in your tracks, combing

back a time of instant love, perhaps

a first love that had vanished.

Messages are found all around us

if only we’d take the time to listen.

Our lives so busy.

Learning to be still is a skill, quiet the mind

once in a while, the messages will come;

from the most unlikely places.
(First published in 'The toronto Qarterly)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Pirene's Fountain

Have been reading over the latest issue of Pirene's Fountain and noticed I didn't blog the link to this. I am honoured to be among it's writers and artists. The theme for this issue was music. Thanks all at PF!!

October 2010, Volume 3 : Issue 8