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Writer/poet,avid photographer with a great interest in Celtic Myths, Mysticism, crystal healing, orbs in photography, Chemtrails, the sky above and the beauty in the Irish landscape . I live in Omagh North of Ireland where the Sperrin Mountains are my inspiration in any season. I have three poetry books published titled 'Where the Three Rivers Meet' and 'Guth An Anam ~Voice of The Soul and my latest Published by Lapwing Press Belfast, 'Landscape of self'~ You can find my links at top of my blog.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Memories~ in memory~Mum

Thought of this poem first published in TTQ as I was re- poting the plants and getting them ready for outdoors and Springs arrival. Mother had a thing for Geraniums and I seem to have inherited it; along with hedges and borders! :)


I hear her voice

in the minds eye

as I re-pot the Geraniums.

“Keep them by the window

they’ll get more light

and water sparingly in winter”

It’s funny how a flower or

the faint smell of something

familiar ignites a memory.

Like a song even, that escapes

at the right time from a car radio

just as you pass,

can stop you in your tracks, combing

back a time of instant love, perhaps

a first love that had vanished.

Messages are found all around us

if only we’d take the time to listen.

Our lives so busy.

Learning to be still is a skill, quiet the mind

once in a while, the messages will come;

from the most unlikely places.
(First published in 'The toronto Qarterly)

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