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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Poem ~ Regeneration

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago and along with others I will put them on this blog.


Walking along market street

tracing my eyes over the stout

emulsion buildings, filled with glass

reflecting the modern footpaths

horrors of the past send shivers

up and down my spine.

I do grieve, for the old town

corner shops and worn faces replaced by

glossed faced superstores, bidding for custom

offering self assemble goods at 50% off.

Along Bridge Street, greasy Jim’s is now

Speedy Frys fast food outlet

Mc Dowel Butchers, chopped into a

coffee bar full of Latt├ęs and tortilla wraps

frequented by suited customers

as orderly as their laptops.

The family chemist were Sue knew as much as the doctor

and almost as much as the weekly news,

has re-opened as A Drug Store, everyone wears white

and plays store detective.

The factory remains still

In desperate need of a refill

machines fazed as did lives when the hammer fell

And the golden gates closed.

Teenagers gorge on modified burgers

In pricey coloured boxes.

part of me surrounded by

permanent pouts and rare chit-chat.

Re-generation they call it.


Sun Singer said...

I like this poem for multiple reasons, among them the longing I hear in it for simpler and more personable times. Then, too, having been involved with my town's historic preservation commission, I have felt so often that blasting down old buildings just for the sake of the modern and the knew is one of the many ways we sell a city's soul.


Aine Mac Aodha /Ann Keys said...

So true, I find in my town they took away the old town hall; the hub of the town and replaced it with a really up market arts centre which is progress and in many ways a good thing but it does not have the same community feel to it. I hope all is good with you Malcolm, take care, Aine.